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Cold Bose and Fermi Gases
Chair: Stefano Giorgini
G. Baym "New States of Quantum Matter"

P. Pieri, A. Spuntarelli, G.C. Strinati "The Josephson Effect Through the BCS-BEC Crossover"

M. Lewenstein "Ultracold dipolar gases"

D.S. Petrov, G.E. Astrakharchik, D.J. Papoular, C. Salomon, G.V. Shlyapnikov "Novel phases in strongly interacting Fermi mixtures"

T. Roscilde, J.I. Cirac "Metastability of Bosonic Mixtures in Optical Lattices"

P. Capuzzi, F. Federici, M.P. Tosi "Scattering of a Sound Wave on a Vortex in Bose-einstein Condensates"

Strongly Correlated Electrons
Chair: Mikko Saarela
W. M. Wu, M. B. Sobnack, F. V. Kusmartsev, J. C. Fung "Nucleation of Vortices and Antivortices in Mesoscopic Superconducting Disks"

K. Morawetz, P. Lipavsky, J. Kolacek, E.H. Brandt, M. Schreiber "The Correlated Density and its Application to Superconductors"

E. Arrigoni, M. Aichhorn, L. Chioncel, H. Allmaier, M.I. Katsnelson, A.I. Lichtenstein, W. Hanke "Electron Correlations in solids: From High-Temperature Superconductivity to Half-Metallic Ferromagnetism"

Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics
Chair: Artur Polls
A. Ramos "Strangeness Nuclear Physics"

A. Sedrakian, J.W. Clark "Pairing and Bound State in Fermionic Systems"

W.H. Dickhoff "Proton Correlations as a Function of Nucleon Asymmetry"

F. Arias de Saavedra, C. Bisconti, G. Co' "Fermi Hypernetted Chain Description of Doubly Closed Shell Nuclei"

G. Martinez-Pinedo "Many-body challenges in nuclear astrophysics"

M. Hjorth-Jensen, D.J. Dean, G. Hagen, T.F. Papenbrock "Complex Coupled-cluster Approach to an Ab-initio Description of Open Quantum Systems"

Atoms and Molecules
Chair: Manuel Barranco
M. Caffarel "Quantum Monte Carlo for Molecules"

A. Sarsa, E. Buendia, F.J. Galvez "Quantum Monte Carlo for the Electronic Structure of Atomic Systems"

P.M. Dinh, E. Suraud, M. Baer, P.G. Reinhard "Hierarchical Method for the Dynamics of Clusters and Molecules in contact with an Environment"

V.O. Nesterenko, P.-G Reinhard, F.F. de Souza Cruz, E.L. Lapolli "Population Transfer Processes: From Atoms to Clusters and Bose-einstein Condensate"

Computational Quantum Many-Body(I)
Chair: Gordon Baym
L. Mitas, M. Bajdich, L.K. Wagner, K.E. Schmidt "Topology of Fermion Nodes and Pfaffian Pairing Wavefunctions"

S. Chin, E. Krotscheck "A New Class of Fourth-Order Algorithms for Solving the Imaginary Time Gross-Pitaevskii Equation in a Rotating Anisotropic Trap"

L. Colletti, F. Pederiva, E. Lipparini, C.J. Umrigar "Polarizability in Quantum Dots via Correlated Quantum Monte Carlo"

Computational Quantum Many-Body (II)
Chair: Gordon Baym
C. Pierleoni "High Pressure Hydrogen: new predictions by Coupled Electron-Ion Monte Carlo"

N. Prokofiev "Worm Algorithm for Many-Body Systems"

Feenberg & Kuemmel Session (Scientific Talks)
Chair: Jesus Navarro
S. Gandolfi, F. Pederiva, S. Fantoni, K.E. Schmidt "Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations for Nuclei and Nuclear Matter"

E. Krotscheck "Static and Dynamic Many-Body Correlations:Overview and Prospects"

F. Verstraete "Strongly Correlated Quantum Systems from the point of view Quantum Information Theory"

Phase Transitions
Chair: Luciano Reatto
T. Vojta "Quantum Phase Transitions on Percolating Lattices"

A.O. Parry, C. Rascon "Non-Locality and the Saga of Short-Ranged Wetting Transitions"

G.E. Astrakharchik, J. Boronat, J. Casulleras, I.L. Kurbakov, Yu.E Lozovik "Ground State Properties of a Homogeneous 2D System of Bosons with Dipolar Interactions"

E. Vitali, D.E. Galli, L. Reatto "Liquid-solid Transition in 4He at T=0 K: Analytical Results about the Ground State Wave Function"

M.C. Birse, B. Krippa, J.A. McGovern, N.R. Walet "Pairing in Many-fermion Systems: An Exact Renormalisation Group Treatment"

A. Rios, A. Polls, A. Ramos, H. Muether "Entropy of a Correlated System of Nucleons"

Quantum Computation
Chair: Gerardo Ortiz

M. Wolf "Area laws"

S Deng, G Ortiz, L Viola "Generalized entanglement in static and dynamic quantum phase transitions"

R.F. Bishop, A. Vourdas "Thermal and more General Coherent States for Open Systems and Quantum Information Theory"

Quantum Liquids and Solids
Chair: Henry Glyde
F. Ancilotto, R. Mayol, M. Pi, M. Barranco "Highly Inhomogeneous He-4 Systems from Density Functional Calculations"

Rafael Guardiola, Jesus Navarro "Small Clusters of Para-Hydrogen"

S. Hernandez, A. Hernando de Castro, R. Mayol, M. Pi "Adsorption Potentials for Nonplanar Geometries"

R.E. Zillich, K.B. Whaley "Rotational Spectra in Helium Clusters and Droplets: Size Dependence and Rotational Linewidth"

D.E. Galli, M. Rossi, E. Vitali, R. Rota, L. Reatto "Microscopic Studies of the Ground State of Solid 4He with Path Integral Projector Monte Carlo"

Alex Kamenev "One-dimensional Fermi-luttinger Liquid"

New Frontiers
Chair: Charles Campbell
H.R. Glyde, J.V. Pearce, J. Bossy, H. Schober "Phonon-roton Excitations and Quantum Phase"

A. Acin, J.I. Cirac, M. Lewenstein "Entanglement Percolation in Quantum Networks"

G. Ortiz, Z. Nussinov "A Symmetry Principle for Topological Quantum Order"


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