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Conferencias Invitadas

David Garlan

Title: Software Architecture: Past, Present, and Future
Carnegie Mellon University

Over the past decade software architecture has received increasing attention as an important subfield of software engineering. During that time there has been considerable progress in developing the technological and methodological base for treating architectural design as an engineering discipline. However, much remains to be done to achieve that goal. Moreover, the changing face of technology raises a number of new challenges for software architecture. This talk examines some of the important developments in software architecture in both research and practice, and speculates on the important emerging trends, challenges, and problems.

David Garlan is a Professor of Computer Science and Director of Software Engineering Professional Programs in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. He received his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon in 1987. His interests include software architecture, self-adaptive systems, formal methods, and software development environments. He is considered to be one of the founders of the field of software architecture, and, in particular, formal representation and analysis of architectural designs. He has published numerous articles and two co-authored books about software architecture.

Paolo Atzeni

Title: Model independent schema and data translation
Università Roma Tre

ModelGen is the model management operator that translates schemas from one model to another. It can be used to generate database wrappers (e.g. OO or XML to relational), default user interfaces (e.g. relational to forms), or default database schemas from other representations. We discuss a recent approach that translates both schemas and data: given a source instance I of a schema S expressed in a source model, and a target model TM, it generates a schema S' expressed in TM that suitably represents S and an instance I' of S' corresponding to I. A wide family of models is handled by using a metamodel in which models can be succinctly and precisely described. The approach expresses the translation as Datalog rules and exposes the source and target of the translation in a generic relational dictionary. This makes the translation transparent, easy to customize and model-independent.

Paolo Atzeni is Database Professor at Università Roma Tre. He received his Dr. Ing. degree in Electrical Engineering from Università di Roma "La Sapienza" in 1980. Before joining Università Roma Tre, he was with IASI-CNR in Rome, then a faculty member at Università di Napoli and later a Professor at Università di Roma La Sapienza. He also had visiting appointments at the University of Toronto and at Università dell'Aquila. He has worked on various topics in the database field, including relational database theory, conceptual models and design tools, deductive databases, databases and the Web, model management, cooperation of database systems. He is the leader of the database group at Roma Tre, which includes five faculty members and various students. They collaborate with various groups in Italy and abroad, on topics that include data models, data warehouses, data in the Web world. He is currently the secretary of the VLDB Endowment and a member of the Executive Board of the EDBT Association, of which he is also Past President.