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The EMLG/JMLG (European/Japanese Molecular Liquids Group) is an interdisciplinary group covering the molecular aspects of fluids in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The European group was founded in 1982 and in 1996 it was joined by the Japanese group to cooperate and to coordinate activities in the field.

It has organized annual meetings every year since 1982 in different European countries and with a different focus. Traditionally, a special issue of the Journal of Molecular Liquids covers the scientific contributions to the meetings.

The 2006 meeting will be held in Barcelona (Spain). It is aimed to present the most recent progress in experiment, theory and simulation of liquid systems under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature as well as on confined liquids. These are very active research areas which share experimental techniques and theoretical approaches. Who hope that this meeting will be a good forum to discuss ideas and to interchange experiences.